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Strategic Plan

Small businesses need a competitive and fair operating environment in order to thrive.

The fundamental role of the SASBC is to provide a service to small business operators to assist them resolve disputes with as little stress as possible.

In addition to facilitating the resolution of complaints, other key responsibilities of the SASBC include:

  • advocating on behalf of the small business community
  • collaborating and engaging with stakeholders to provide information and guidance to the small business community
  • administering and enforcing the legislative powers and responsibilities of the Commissioner.

The mission of the office is to provide assistance to small business through the delivery of a fair, timely and consistent service.

The strategic plan was developed to focus on the commitment to five main pillars: mediate, advocate, collaborate, engage, regulate, and deliver.

Click here to view the strategic plan for 2022 - 2024. 

To view the current organisational chart, please click here

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