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Retail & Commercial Leasing

Retail and Commerical Leasing Guide Retail and Commercial Leasing Guide Pic

Many businesses lease premises every year. For a business owner it can be an exciting time as they start or continue to develop their business venture. As with all financial commitments, it is essential to undertake a diligent approach to such a major legal commitment.

It is critical that you seek appropriate professional legal and financial advice as part of your consideration of entering into any lease or agreement to lease.

It is a legal requirement that lessees are provided with a copy of the 'Retail and Commercial Leasing Gudie' (LINK) when they are provided with a copy of a proposed lease.

This guide incorporates the amendments passed by the South Australian Parliament in December 2019.

The information is provided as a guide to your rights and obligations under the Retail and Commercial Leases Act 1995 (the Act), which governs most leases over retail shops and commercial leases where rent does not exceed $400,000 per annum in South Australia. 

While the Act sets out your key rights and obligations, most of the day-to-day matters that arise under your tenancy will be contained in your actual lease.

Download a copy of the Retail and Commercial Leasing Guide here. 

To view frequently asked questions, please click here. 

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