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The South Australian Small Business Commissioner has responsibility for the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2009 (the Act).  

Providing the building/construction work was performed within South Australia and inside of the last 6 months, the Act usually provides a quick and inexpensive way to resolve payment disputes, as it allows subcontractors and suppliers to seek help from an Adjudicator instead of needing to go to court or hire a debt collector.

Under the Act, you can make a claim on the respondent (usually the contractor/ builder) for:

  • construction work you have done
  • construction materials or plant you have provided
  • services such as project management, contract management or consultancy that you have provided
  • interest on overdue progress payments
  • cash security and retention monies
  • at the end of the contract, a claim under the Act can be made for the final payment.

Please click here to view how to make a payment claim under the Act, and here for frequently asked questions about the process.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your issue further, please contact the office on (toll free) 1800 072 722 or 08 8303 2026.

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